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INFORMATICA DELTA INC. is a Peruvian company that provides software solutions aimed at optimizing management and processes of enterprises.



Alt text to go here Founded in 1992, focuses its activities on the environment of open systems and client-server philosophy under operating systems Unix, Windows NT, Open/VMS and OS/400, as well as in personal computers and mainframes.


Relevant Events

* 2002 Pass History of Banco Santander to Banco de Credito
* 2002 Started operations with Ripley and Financiera Cordillera, now Banco Ripley
* 2003 Development and Implementation of ITF in MiBanco
* 2004 Started operations with Banco del Trabajo


Relevant Events

* 2006 Started operations with Banco Financiero
* 2006 Started operations with Banco Santander
* 2007 Started operations with ALTEC now ISBAN to development projects in Chile, Uruguay, Brasil and Colombia for Santander Group.
* 2007 Started operations with MC Procesos
* 2007 Started operations with Ace Seguros
* 2009 Started operations with Tiendas Peruanas
* 2009 Started operations with Banco Falabella
* 2009 Agreement with Pragma - Colombia to represent and sell licenses CERO in Peru
* 2009 Development and Implementation Claims Management System for Financial Customer Advocacy of ASBANC
* 2009 Implementation of CERO in Banco Falabella


Relevant Events

* 2010 Started operations of our office in Miami, USA
* 2010 Implementation of CERO in Banco de la Nacion.
* 2010 Started operations with Leverforce USA, Development projects in PHP Jomla and Magento
* 2011 Implementation of CERO in EDPYME Raiz
* 2011 Implementation of CERO in Financiera Crear – Arequipa
* 2011 Development of application for Iphone for Panda Kitchen and Bath (USA)
* 2011 Started operations with Atento – Peru
* 2011 Capacitation of Enterprise architech in Wawawasi and Caja Huancayo.
* 2014 Started the development of 'Integrated Management System' (CRM-ERP software)
* 2015 Started operations with On Target IT USA, Development projects with Case LANSA