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Custom Application Development

Do you require a specific software? You may need a WEB application integrated to architecture or technologies RPG, AS/400. Or does you have an IT project and does not know if its development is feasible? Whatever your need, our qualified Functional Analysts and Analyst/Programmers identify your requirements and in conjunction with a qualified team of Analysts Programmers they will be providing a comprehensive and customized solution. We focus on developing financial software applications using various technologies, from servers to applications Host Mobiles and Tablets software.

1."We analyze and identify your need at no cost."

We have an experienced professional team to listen and identify your needs, we advise you honestly, we speak simply and clearly. Our customers are our best reference. >> Success Stories

2."We budgeted the project at no cost."

If your project/need is a custom development, as a Analysis Technical - Functional of a scenario, or any application that does not know if feasible, do not worry we are available to listen. DELTA developments have made countless software applications "financial" and "non-financial" As from small applications to large technology projects eBusiness, CoreBussiness, and also developments for specific businesses
Contact Us after the analysis, we will send an economic technical proposal, where each functional technical detail is explained clearly and accurately.

3. Then if you allow us to develop the process of turning plans into action.

Bearing preferences for certain technologies, we are flexible and not tie ourselves to any particular tool or technology. We work on standards RUP, PMI and we consider usability, accessibility, scalability, also guaranteeing a real compatibility across platforms and browsers.

Your project may require different technologies, then a brief mention of technologies we work:

Data Base
Web Server Applications
Software Integration
Administrators personalized content
IT Technologies: LANSA, NET, PHP, JAVA, actionscript, javascript, AJAX, jQuery, etc

> Data Base.

> Web Server Applications.

> Software Integration.

> Administrators personalized content.

> IT Technologies: NET, PHP, JAVA, actionscript, javascript, AJAX, jQuery, etc.

> BI, ETL, DW Tools